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What's going on?

Check out what we are planning. If you are interested in being a part of one of these events please fill out the contact us page or call


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Parents Against Bullying

October 15th from 10 am - 2 pm.

Don’t miss participating in our “Parents Against Bullying” event. Everyone deserves to be heard, and needs to be heard! "We’ve already heard it all, it’s our turn to speak” #AlwaysUseYourVoice


Community Night
on WednesDaze

Wednesdays we will have a community-oriented market night. We are inviting local craft vendors to vend free of charge during our events, local charities to raise money and awareness, and other events to bring the community together. These nights will consist of, "paint n puff" events, glass blowing lessons, poetry nights, and many other events that feature local artists. 

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Band Performance

Let Loose

On Friday nights we will transform the 3500sqft. main floor into our live performance venue. We will be featuring local jam bands along the lines of the legendary acts of the past such as The Grateful Dead, The Band, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and others. The Balcony level will feature a half dozen of the area's finest flower vendors while The Hive, Upstate New York's Original CannaBus slings infused drinks from their winter home in the Vault room. Each week we will invite local tattoo artists to our fourth-floor VIP tattoo area where they can tattoo clients. Clients and their friends will be treated to a clean, private VIP area stocked with blunts from our vendors and drinks from The Hive as they're getting inked.

No WeekDaze Ever the Same!

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