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Building History

The Union National Bank of Troy was established in 1851 and was opened as a national bank in 1865.  It printed $5,820,850 dollars’ worth of national currency and stopped printing money in 1935, which equals a 70-year printing period. During its life, The Union National Bank Troy issued 31 different types and denominations of national currency. The Union National Bank Troy was assigned charter number 963.

The bank operated at 56 4th Street until 1936 when it opened at 50 4th Street.  It was constructed in the Colonial Revival style and became popular in institutional and commercial design in Troy after 1910.  It was one of four exceptional examples built within the Central Troy Historic District. The four are the 1916 YWCA building, the 1926 Hendrick Hudson Hotel, the 1931 Marine Midland Bank, and the 1936 Union National Bank.

The bank operated there until 1972 when it was acquired by Onbank & Trust Co of Albany.


Edward Strecker

Mr. Strecker began his long term of service with the Union National Bank, of Troy, as messenger when he was fourteen. As a boy he established a reputation for diligence, promptness and honesty, his rise to a higher position being inevitable, once his qualities and characteristics were known. He passed the different bookkeepers' position, and in 1912 was made assistant cashier, and in 1915 was advanced to cashier. He was president of the bank from 1929 – 1935.  As a member of the board of directors, he seemed to be responsible for the construction of this building.  This plaque remains in the building today.

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